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Title: Withdrawl
Rating: PG (Warning for mentions of drug use)
Character: Spencer Reid - no pairing
Summary: Written for Angst Bingo: Nausea


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Title: Sway
Rating: PG
Pairing: HotchxReid - preslash
Summary: Reid has skills Hotch never even considered.
A/N: Something I wrote ages ago that might lead to more down the line but for now is just this ^.^ Beta'd by the incredible Neeterz!

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Connection. HotchxReid Vet!AU. PG-13

Title: Connection
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Reid finds he wants quite a bit more from his new vet than he'd initially thought.
A/N: This was inspired/prompted by this comment made by Lintu on tumblr about how awesome an AU with Hotch as a Vet and Reid with a puppy would be. I happened to agree. May be more of this in the future but that's not a definite. BTW, Vrij!

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Bowtie. HotchxReid/HotchxBeth. PG.

Title: Bowtie
Rating: PG
Summary: Hotch wants something back.
Prompt: bowtie
A/N: This was initially called boutonnière but because neither of them wore those in the finale (something I was not aware of having not seen it yet) I changed it to bowtie. The story is still exactly the same though. Just changed the wording a little in the beginning.
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Bathtime. HotchxHaley. FRC

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.
Summary: Jack's bath-time gets messy.
Prompt: Bath.
A/N: Takes place during - kinda at the beginning of - Hotch's two week suspension from 'Doubt'
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Cupcake. HotchxGarcia. FRC.

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.
Summary: Garcia makes Hotch's bad days brighter.
Prompt: Cupcake.
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Smile. HotchxReid. FRC.

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.
Summary: Hotch hates seeing Reid suffer.
Prompt: Smile.

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Catagory: Criminal Minds/Sherlock Crossover.
Title: Battle of Wills
Rating: PG-13/K+ - Warning: Mentions of rape and murder.
Characters: Reid, Sherlock. No ship.
Prompt: Reid and Sherlock meet (maybe when one becomes involved in the other's case?). A bit of a pissing contest ensues to see who can solve it the quickest/is smarter.
A/N: I've never written Sherlock before so, here it goes. (P.S, I think I may have made Reid a little less intelligent than usual but, I'm not a genius so writing for two of them is kind of hard :P)

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